I’ve blogged about this in my Spanish blog already, but I wanted to post it here.

A couples of days before the “Reyes” (Jan 6) day, which is the big presents day of the year in Spain (no, it isn’t christmas day, not yet), I were doing my last shopping and I could make this photograph.


It’s LinEx running in a computer, a 300 EUR computer. Yes, they are selling a computer with Linex, a Debian based distro made by the Extremadura government. I wish I’ll see this with Guadalinex too.

I added some modules to my sidebox, several blogs of my friends, blogs that I ussually read and a couple of links of projects I’m involved. BTW, Zope and the DTML language are great, it’s a bit hard to learn but it’s really versatile.

Teo Ruiz · 11 January 2004