🚨🚨 Note to the reader 🚨🚨: This post was published a while ago and is published here for archival purposes. I don't condone nor condemn the content of this post. Take it with a grain of salt.

Still alive

A couple of weeks after my last blog, many things to blog about.


We've been moving to a new office because the old place was too small for the new people we are hiring. The two places are not far, just five minutes on foot. Anyway, we'll miss you, Albareda street.


My life is still going on. I try to study for the next month of exams, which will be here REAL SOON NOW. Also, I'm having less time with computers: when I get home after a long day of work/university, the last thing I want to do is hacking something. I ussually just turn the laptop on, check private mail and listen to music. Not much more.

Of course, this week (and I mean the whole week) I will be in the Feria de Abril of Seville, my city. This is one of the most wonderful popular party that you can find in Spain.

Free Software

However, I'm following the projects I'm involved. The next week, I will be in Valencia for the Libre Software conference that the Valencia regional government is organizing.