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I've just came back from my five days trip to the south coast of Portugal. I didn't expect the region to be that beautiful, it is two hours away from my house by car and it was the first time I was there. There are some beaches that could perfectly be caribbean and cliffs that could be somewhere in the British islands.

In the mornings, we've been doing some town tourism around the region which is full of little churchs, castles and little streets. There are some weird things in Portugal that make it different from Spain and I couldn't express it in a few words. They are more European in a bunch of things, i.e. they don't use bars in their windows and some things that made them more Mediterranean such as the shape of those windows or the way it's people is.

Since four of us have a digital camera, I will post hundreds of pictures in the next days so you will be able to meet that beautiful, unknown country. This one is taken in the cape of San Vicente, one of the corners of Europe.