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GuadaLinEx presented to the press. OS World Conference

Today was a hard, but fruitful, day.

Firstly, in the morning, I had to burn several CDs that we gave to the press a bit later, during the GuadaLinEx press conference where the project, which is a bit more than a distro (hardware standardization, Free Software courses, etc.) has been presented to the press.

In a month or so, several thousands of CDs will be delivered all over Andalucia with the newspapers, in the Internet, in schools, etc, etc. GuadaLinEx is based in Debian, works as a live CD thanks to the MetaDistros project, and we try, together with the LinEx project to avoid duplication of work. We expect about two million users in about a year and a half, when the distro is in all the schools and most citizens computers. Yes, that means two million Debian users. A great userland.

After that, I was with other folks from ADALA and HispaLiNUX in meeting with politicians of the Junta de Andalucía (regional government which is developing and leading the GuadaLinEx project) talking about the posible ways of spread the free software philosophy, GuadaLinEx and so on.

Later, we were having a couple of beers and tapas and talking about the Open Source World Conference which is going to be held in Málaga next February 18-20. It’s going to be a really interesting congress.

Of course, there will be a Debian meeting there, regarding how Debian derivated distros (LinEx, GuadaLinEx, SkoleLinux, the Greek project) can feedback all the users and developers experience to Debian. I’ve already invited people from SkoleLinux, from Greece and tbm and I’ve contacted other developers I’d like to be there and see what we are doing. You can come too, Málaga is a really nice city! :)

Wow, it has been a too long entry, I’m sorry.